Tipping The Scales

In addition to my journey to running a 5k race, I am on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle overall and that includes losing weight – a lot of weight.

To be honest, I went back and forth about disclosing this information for everyone to see and read because, quite honestly, it is damn embarrassing!

I am ashamed to admit how much my weight has actually become, and there have been more than a few times where I have told people that I weigh much less than I do. For a long time I’ve been fooling myself with the thinking that I’m not really as big as the scale says – and by that I mean that I “wear my weight” well.

But in all reality, I know that it isn’t true and those close to me are just too kind to tell me. Except of course for my Grandma, who is never afraid to tell me that I have to lose weight. 🙂

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I am approaching this as an overall shift in my lifestyle rather than looking at things as being on a diet. As you might recall from reading our story, Running Wife lost a considerable amount of weight using Weight Watchers. While I cannot be happier for her, I know that I will lose interest in counting points, etc. and I don’t feel that is the right choice for me.

Progress here might be slow, as some habits will take some time to change, but like everything else here at Running Spouses, I find that making the public commitment helps me stay on course.

The log below will cover weekly weigh-ins, or at least that is the plan, as I don’t want to be obsessed with checking my weight. As best as possible, I will keep the day and time of weigh-ins consistent as well but there may be fluctuations.

Time to take the big leap of faith, and put these numbers out there for everyone to see!

Be gentle!

Tipping the Scales

DateWeight (lbs)Weight Lost (lbs)

Note: Regarding the goals listed above, I plan to update that as I progress along. I cannot say that I really have a specific target weight in mind, although I do think it would be damn cool to be under 200 pounds. However, during these early stages I plan to set realistic, attainable goals as motivation to keep working – but long term I will state now a goal of reaching 195 pounds.

While it is somewhat sad to admit, I cannot remember the last time that I weighed less than 200 pounds. If I had to guess, it was some time shortly after high school when I stopped playing sports and put on the “freshman fifteen” while lying around my dorm room playing video games. (Oh, and I’m sure the cold beverages didn’t help either.)

As I mentioned earlier, I have an amazing role model to follow and help keep me motivated. Running Wife has dedicated herself for the last two years to improving her lifestyle, losing weight, and embracing fitness.

I could not be more proud of her, and I am finally at that point where I am ready to embrace that for myself as well.

Note: You will notice above that there is a large gap from May to January, which resulted in gaining 10 of the 14 pounds lost. For tracking purposes, I’ve now done a reset to renew tracking my progress and I will be using the weight at that time to track. I’m keeping the old data rather than deleting it as a sign of what can happen if I do not remain focused on my health.

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