Our Story

Our story began as a young couple in love, regularly spending our time together outdoors enjoying activities and constantly on the go. Not too much changed when our first child was born as we were constantly out at the park, taking walks, or just having fun.

Looking back, I don’t know if I can really pinpoint when it began.

It being the gradual decline of our outdoor activities and more time spent working, stressing about making ends meet for our growing family, and the inevitable personal growth (and by personal growth I don’t mean the enrichment of who we were as people, but rather we were physically growing, or better yet expanding).

We continued to experience a number of changes – the arrival of our second child, a new home, new jobs, and the mysterious manner in which our clothes seemed to slowly be shrinking.

Enough is enough

So there we were in our mid-30’s, out of shape but somehow convincing ourselves that we weren’t “that” out of shape, when it began to change for the better – at least for one of us.

My wife (aka Running Wife aka RW) reached her tipping point and joined the Weight Watchers program in our local community. Slowly but surely, as her eating habits improved and she introduced exercise into her daily routine, she began to transform herself.

The weight continued to melt away and before long RW found herself signed up for her first 5k run. And then another. And then a 10k run. She didn’t stop there either and recently completed her first half-marathon. The changes that she began when she enrolled in Weight Watchers have now become a lifestyle habit and RW is feeling great.

Monkey see, monkey do (some day)

During the journey that RW has been on over the last two years, I somehow have found myself going the opposite direction and have recently seen the scale setting new records. Unfortunately, these are not the kind of records that one wants to be setting.

Despite seeing what RW has done and knowing that if I followed the same process, that I too would begin to shed the excess weight and be in a position to join her on her runs, I have not done it.

I’ll start tomorrow.

Maybe next time.

Oh, I couldn’t because *insert excuse here*.

Foolishly, I continue trying to convince myself that I’m not “that” out of shape despite being out of being out of breath walking from the parking lot to my desk at work, or turning crimson red when I do simple things like tie my shoes.

In all honesty, I’ve struggled with the feeling of hopelessness and shame for allowing myself to get to this point. When I’m feeling particularly down on myself though, somehow I convince myself – even if just momentarily – that there are others in far worse shape than I am so things must not be too bad.

Time to start doing

But things are that bad, and it is time for me to stop with the excuses and start with the doing. I know what needs to be done and how to do it. I need to be accountable.

Being a bit on the geeky side, I thought that starting this site would serve as my means to remain accountable to myself and put it out there for anyone else to stumble across and maybe one day find an inkling of inspiration somewhere in these archives.

As the name of the site implies, my goal is to become the Running Husband (aka RH) to my Running Wife and share in something that has become a passion of hers; something that has changed her life.

In an effort to commit to start doing, I’ve started by registering for my first 5k race coming up this summer! Now I have a tangible goal to work towards and I know that I cannot continue to put things off until another day, as eventually race day will be here and I will have to do it!

Monkey see, monkey do!