First Day Of Interval Training

After the sobering reality between running inside versus running outside, Week 2 began today with the introduction of interval training (according to my personally modified version of #c25k).

Go hard or go home

Wanting to put the embarrassment of yesterday behind me, I committed to doing 3 minutes at my normal pace (a brisk walk to slow jog) and then 30 seconds at a much faster pace (a legit jog). Once the warm-up was complete, it was time to get down to business.

This isn’t so bad.

Through the first few rounds of alternating between walking and jogging, I felt good. The sweat started dripping and I was envisioning new personal bests in terms of distance traveled and my minutes per mile pace.

Hello wall, nice to meet you!

Somewhere around 14 minutes in, the jogging intervals began to feel more intense and the 3 minute walking intervals were spent trying to catch my breath. But I continued to power through knowing that the end result would be so much more rewarding.

There must be sweat in my eyes

When the final buzzer sounded to signal the cool-down phase, I nearly fell off the elliptical and was convinced that the sweat stinging my eyes was causing blurred vision.

Considering the amount of sweat that was dripping off of me and how I was sucking wind, I thought for sure that I had gone at least 3 miles or more. I was expecting to obliterate the 2.6 miles that I had done last week when I had pushed myself a little harder.

2.8 miles?!? A lousy 0.2 extra miles?!?

The effort was far greater than the distance traveled. The introduction of the intervals absolutely wiped me out and the net gain was less than a quarter mile difference. On the bright side though, my minutes per mile pace was nearly one full minute better than my previous best!

And that’s not all

In addition to setting a new personal best on the minutes per mile pace, I also pushed myself to go farther and work harder than I had before – and I did it.

Right now the important thing is to be consistent and begin adopting the exercise as a routine part of my lifestyle. On the drive home from work, I was beginning to make mental deposits into the excuse bank and was looking forward to just relaxing on the couch. Fortunately, I realized that the excuse bank was closed for the day and threw on my shorts and shoes and got to work!

Small steps continue to build on each other, and before long I will be at my goal!

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